A beauty mindset in Shanghai

Since two years now thanks to fashion business consultancies I carry on I have the honor to partner with Attila&Co, a sound PR firm founded by Andreina Longhi in the early ’80s, today also managed by Andrea D’Amico. Attila was the first Italian company to offer a full roster of services in Fashion, Design, Lifestyle & Luxury. They operate from a both graceful and glamorous historic building in Milan facing Parco Sempione.

Attila opened a branch in Shanghai many years ago. Just had a glance of the new building they transferred activities over few weeks. There’s something magical in the gentle light, fragile old buildings, the exotic taste of past days that survives the brand new turbo-capitalism in the City. I found all these feelings emerging staring at the pics of the exquisite new headquarter.

Here you can follow up the Chinese branch on WeChat. Can’t wait to visit in person and meet all the friends down there.