Greetings, pal!

I’m Lodovico Minelli Sarteri, a curator of art and technology, innovation advisor, and early-stage technology investor, primarily in Healthcare & Science. Based in the Alpine region, I travel frequently, including visits to the Bay Area and other global cities.

Since 2017, I have been working with start-ups at NOI Techpark, the innovation hub of South Tyrol. I have a background in innovation management and technology, and have co-founded several science and technology firms with a focus on life-centered design, neuroscience, biometrics and digital sensing, multi-sensory design, and biofields visualization. Most recently, I founded Emotitech, the Human-Centric innovation company, based in South Tyrol, California and Japan, shaping better life adventures by blending emotion design with meaningful tech.

My passion for experiential design and technology-based art led me to curate projects combining contemporary urban art with cutting-edge tech like web3, NFTs, and decentralized setups. Among my innovative creations is Guerrilla Sensing, a covert initiative that I conceived and actively promote. In this endeavor, we discreetly install uncommissioned environmental sensors in public spaces, unveiling vital pollution data to the world. I am also a co-curator of Metagraffiti, an observatory focused on the intersection of technology and urban art. With decades of travel experience, I document and curate artists making strides in science and technology-driven experiential art, inspiring environmental awareness and action.

As a member of Rotary International, I have also been involved in humanitarian aid projects since 2008. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with this organization and help those in need around the world.