The crazy ride of Invisible Friends

Invisible Friends is a hyped NFT collection of 5,000 animated invisible characters created by Swedish artist Markus Magnusson.

Launched on February 23 2022 the project wrote a new page about NFTs projects launch strategy with over 500,000 Twitter followers and nearly 300,000 members in the project’s Discord server, securing the most exclusive whitelist to date.

Whitelisted participants could mint their Invisible Friends for just Ξ0.25. Then the floor price of the collection at OpenSea exploded like a firework at Ξ12 gently deflating to Ξ9 at time of writing. Just after 3 days from the launch the traded volume crashed the impressive Ξ13K target.

The animations feature invisible characters, wearing everything from streetwear apparel to sport and science equipment. The characters are shifting the focus from figurative avatars to apparel.

The concept of the so called “Imaginary friends” was definitely a winning inspirational match, perfectly in tone with the shy and melancholic mood catching on the youngest generations of avid NFTs collectors.

We will see how this trend and digital assets will perform long term. For now we are assisting to an incredible value generation phenomenon backed just from stylish creativity. Maybe invisible but generating both huge hype and profits.