Greetings, pal!

My name is Lodovico Minelli Sarteri and I was born in 1980, living in Brixen – South Tyrol. I am a futurist, business innovation advisor, and early-stage technology investor. I am based in the Alpine region, but frequently visit the Bay Area and other cities around the world.

Since 2017, I have been working with start-ups at NOI Techpark, the innovation hub of South Tyrol. I have a background in innovation management and technology, and have co-founded several science and technology firms with a focus on life-centered design, neuroscience, biometrics and digital sensing, multi-sensory design, and biofields visualization. Most recently, I founded Emotitech, the multi-sensory innovation company, based in South Tyrol and California, shaping better life experiences by blending emotion design with meaningful tech.

My passion for experiential design and art has led me to curate projects that combine contemporary urban art with cutting-edge technologies like web3, NFTs, and decentralized organizations. I am fascinated by the intersection of deep-tech applications and place identity within the realm of contemporary art. With more than two decades of international travel experience, I have actively sought out and documented artists who have made significant contributions to the history of experiential art dealing with science and technology.

As a member of Rotary International, I have also been involved in humanitarian aid projects since 2008. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with this organization and help those in need around the world.

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