“Perspective” the first crypto stamp of Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein Post – formerly Die Liechtensteinische Post – is a pioneer of blockchain technology application issuing a new generation of crypto stamps. For the first time, an SQR code is integrated on the stamp entitled “Perspective” (face value: CHF 5.20) that can be scanned with a smartphone.

The app for Stamp 4.0 enables users to verify the stamps and check whether they are genuine. Through this check, the stamp is uniquely assigned to its owner and can be deposited in a personal data room (Blockchain technology). The crypto stamp is valid for postage, forgery-proof, interactive and exciting.

A special gaming option is included on the stamp. Different characters are hiding behind the stamp and you can you can deposit your game character in the Blockchain solving few puzzles.

The charming graphic design is by Sereina Hatt, Vaduz

As an avid researcher and collector I received some stamps of the first limited serie.