Lodovico Minelli Sarteri creates works of art & raises disruptive innovation ventures. Italian born, he works and lives between Milan, Silicon Valley and Hong Kong.
Sarteri got in touch with colors and shapes in the early 90's as street artist, later enhancing this passion as curator and consultant dealing with institutions, auction houses and collectors. He applies his experiences to large scale artworks, environmental site specific wall-design interventions and textile design. Sarteri’s non commissioned work has been shown in the streets of many cities around the world, widely in Europe.
He baked companies to manage marketing and communication projects mainly for fashion brands.


Sarteri is a contemporary artist, with a background in urban art, who creates minimalist abstract paintings. Sarteri carefully lays down geometric structures – archicromie – that subtly contrast with their textile backgrounds. The Artist interacts with environments through gestures of instinctive freedom, rooting visual presence and energy in vandalism and graffiti aesthetics.

Among Sarteri's conceptual language visual architectures represent materiality, light represents spirituality, then abstraction is the process to intersect materiality with light vibrations in space: colors. The process of abstraction, generating disruptive visual narratives,  reveals in awareness achievement. Conceived as spiritual gates, Sarteri's works of art are capable of canalize energies transcending Gaia's matrix and connecting the observer straight with cosmic wisdom.


Related art categories: Primary Abstraction + Color Theory + Geometric + Line, Form and Color + Minimalism + Repetition + Color Field Painting + Architecture + Outerspace + Archaeoastronomy + Environmental + Provocative + Graffiti / Street Art

studio [at] sarteri.com