The Studio

Innovating Experiences at the Intersections of Science, Technology, and the Arts.

SARTERI Studio serves as the personal laboratory and research hub of curator Lodovico Minelli Sarteri, nestled amidst the Alpine landscape. Our primary focus centers on the rigorous exploration of the converging domains of science, technology, and the arts. Our primary objective is to conduct comprehensive investigations into the intricate interplay among these elements across diverse domains, including but not limited to commercial applications, medical contexts, urban planning, tourism, and food and beverage.

Collaborative Endeavors: SARTERI Studio thrives on collaborative partnerships with experts from diverse fields. By fostering interdisciplinary cooperation, we aim to advance our understanding of affective technology’s potential applications, ultimately contributing to a more holistic comprehension of human-environment dynamics.

SARTERI Studio stands as a conduit for systematic exploration, where human creativity, data-driven insights merge with scientific rigor. Our objective is to unravel the intricate connections between human perception, technology, and surroundings in the pursuit of fostering environments that promote human wellbeing.