Ah, serendipity—the art of stumbling upon greatness when you least expect it. It’s like finding a hidden gem in a thrift store, except the thrift store is life, and the gems are those unexpected strokes of luck that change everything. Fun fact: the word “serendipity” wasn’t plucked from Latin or Greek roots; it was actually coined by an 18th-century British nobleman who spun it from an ancient Persian fairy tale set in today’s Sri Lanka once called “Serendip”. Talk about a linguistic rabbit hole!

My journey? Let’s just say it’s been a wild ride through a jungle of twists and turns. Imagine this: a kid with a burning passion for art, juggling spray cans while burying his nose in scientific studies during high school and diving into the complexities of Financial Economy at University. Fast forward a bit, and suddenly I’m jet-setting across the globe, rubbing shoulders with some of the most talented artists on the planet, dealing with auction houses and museums. Oh, and yes, I was there when Banksy made his mark on London. The stories I could tell you from those urban art and art market adventures would make your head spin.

But art was just the beginning. My curiosity led me down another rabbit hole—this time into the heart of Silicon Valley. There, surrounded by the brightest minds in tech, I dove deep into the world of sensory design, neuroscience, longevity and all things cutting-edge. And hey, sometimes art and tech collide in the most mind-blowing ways—like when David Choe busted out his spray-cans to paint the walls of Facebook HQ.

Then came the crypto craze, and let me tell you, I rode that wave like a surfer surrounded by sharks. Bitcoin, Ethereum, collapse of Mt Gox—I saw it all, up close and personal. But for me, it was never just about the money. It was about the stories—the human side of the digital assets revolution.

And let’s not skip over my love affair with Asia, especially Japan. From delving into the depths of traditional oriental medicine to fusing it with the latest in tech, I’ve plunged headfirst into unexplored realms of consciousness and bio-field science. It’s been a journey of mind-bending proportions that continues to fuel my insatiable curiosity.

Today, I see myself as a seasoned explorer of the unknown, charting new territories where innovation meets humanity. From life-centered tech projects to decentralized forms of patronage, I’m always on the lookout for the next big thing. So here’s to serendipity, my constant companion on this wild ride called life.