/ afterlabel

Our naming service was commissioned to create a distinctive identity for a forthcoming youth street-wear brand—one that deliberately defied traditional fashion norms. The result of a rigorous language and ideation process, “AfterLabel” emerged as a strategic choice that reflects a departure from conventional branding.

The name “afterlabel” communicates a deliberate shift from established norms in the fashion industry. By choosing a title that implies a future beyond traditional labels, the brand asserts itself as a catalyst for new expressions of style freedom.

Our inspiration for the brand’s identity extends to the incorporation of the symbol “/”, commonly associated with progression in computer code. This visually underscores the concept of what follows, aligning seamlessly with the brand’s commitment to innovation and forging a new path in the fashion sector.

In addition to conceptualizing the name, our services extended to securing international trademark registration, ensuring the brand’s legal exclusivity. We also facilitated the acquisition of the .com domain and established a presence on social media platforms with clean, uncontested handles.

“AfterLabel” is more than a name—it’s a strategic choice designed to position the brand as a forward-thinking force in the street-wear market. By successfully navigating trademark registration and online domain acquisition, we’ve laid a solid foundation for the brand’s future success.