Bright Disorder

In 2008, entrusted with naming a curatorial concept for an art event set against the picturesque backdrop of Piazza del Campo in Siena, Italy, our objective was to seamlessly marry the city’s rich historical heritage with the edgy enthusiasm of disruptive public art. The challenge lay in encapsulating the essence of acclaimed contemporary artists coming from a graffiti background transforming the square into a canvas while maintaining a connection to Siena’s storied past.

To bridge the gap between tradition and contemporary disruption, we carefully crafted the name “Bright Disorder.” This juxtaposition of “Bright” and “Disorder” not only paid homage to the luminous history of Siena but also encapsulated the rebellious and captivating allure of unauthorized art. The brilliance of the historical context, combined with the intentional chaos of disruptive art, made “Bright Disorder” an evocative and memorable choice.

The chosen name, “Bright Disorder,” successfully captured the duality of the event—where historical resonance met the contemporary chaos of urban art. It not only resonated with the city administration’s desire for a concept rooted in Siena’s heritage but also resonated with the disruptive and captivating energy of the art happening in Piazza del Campo. “Bright Disorder” became a key element in promoting the event and establishing its identity in the art community.