Arsham’s Soul Gesture to Blind Friend: Venice’s Great Touching Moment

Daniel Arsham, Hoby Wedler and Sarteri

Renowned contemporary artist Daniel Arsham has once again astounded audiences with his latest exhibition, “VENICE 3024,” showcased at La Biennale in Venice. In a world where visual experiences often dominate, Arsham’s ability to transcend the purely visual captivates, offering a revelation for those willing to explore his creations through non-visual means. Guided by the artist himself, our partner Hoby Wedler, was ushered into a realm where kindness, multi-sensory amazement, and curiosity intermingle, promising to offer a new experience of our 90% visual world.

However, the impact of Arsham’s action extends beyond the confines of the exhibition space. Through articles & social media platforms:

  • Daniel Arsham’s official Instagram account’s reel: linked here
  • Viral Reddit thread “Artist Daniel Arsham assisting visually impaired man enjoy his Star Wars art”: linked here
  • TikTok “The most wholesome thing l’ve seen today at #DanielArshamVenice3024”: linked here
  • Highsnobiety: link here
  • Upworthy “Artist’s wholesome gesture after learning blind man couldn’t enjoy his artwork” : link here

Arsham’s act of inclusion posted on social network generated thousands of comments and sharing going viral and garnered significant attention and engagement globally. Influential figures like Casey Neistat and J Balvin have contributed to a worldwide conversation, emphasizing the importance of inclusion and kindness.

As we reflect on our experience, both as friends and collaborators visiting Venice, the significance of our time spent together becomes clear. Beyond the enjoyment of camaraderie, discussions around future business development underscore the potential for meaningful contributions to the world.

This serves as a testament to the significance of inclusion and kindness for the future of humanity, highlighting the value our contributions hold for the world. Let’s continually promote positivity and kindness. Thank you for sharing, Daniel.