The naming journey leading to Emotitech unfolded after years of dedicated practice and expertise in the field of affective technology. The goal was to conceive a name that was not only brandable and trademarkable but also encapsulated the fusion of the human element with technology.

Following meticulous diligence, the name Emotitech was crafted, accompanied by the acquisition of the corresponding .com domain and establishment of social digital assets.

Emotitech, a US-based corporation with a branch at NOI Techpark in South Tyrol, specializes in applying affective technology to enhance the human experience. Its activities include advanced R&D initiatives committed to pushing the limits of affective technology. Moreover, it serves as a specialized advisory platform in the realm of affective technology, actively scouting and facilitating the launch of promising startups. Emotitech stands at the forefront of scientific exploration, where sensory innovation intersects with the systematic advancement of emotional technology.