Light, Art, and Perfume: Exploring The James Turrell x Lalique Collection

Last October I couldn’t find the time to post the result of a great collaboration between one of my favorite experiential artists, James Turrell and the French perfume brand Lalique. James Turrell x Lalique collaboration was showcased at Paris+ par Art Basel in October. 

The collabo features limited editions of 100 each of crystal perfume bottles “Range Rider” and “Purple Sage”. The bottles, inspired by the myth of Arizona and the scents of the American West, showcase Turrell’s modern aesthetic and the skilled craftsmanship of the Lalique artisans. 

They come in two shapes, one round and dome-like whilst the other is an angular translucent pyramid; but both are inspired by the form of ancient Asian stupas. Turrell’s primary medium is light, and he wanted to use the glass to manipulate and diffract it. Therefore, the glass was made with uniform thickness so it would diffract light consistently, rather than differently. Despite exploring new artistic territory, Turrell’s focus remains on light.

The geometric shapes embedding Turrell’s light studies make these bottles true works of art. The accompanying exotic wood box adds to the sensory experience of these unique, multi-sensory pieces, the result of a four-year collaboration with the artist. 

As a multi-sensory enthusiast I couldn’t really lose the chance to review this magic collaboration.