Masterminds Unite: A Confluence of Art, Innovation, and Friendship

Lodovico Minelli Sarteri & Giorgio De Mitri & Team

Embarking on a journey that has woven our lives together countless times, we find ourselves at the long-awaited juncture of reconnecting with our global circle of friends. The paths we’ve traversed are so numerous that recalling each intersection has become a delightful challenge. Now, at last, we stand on the threshold of a momentous occasion—an opportunity to unite our strengths and collectively create something extraordinary beneath a shared roof.

These friendships, forged over decades, command the utmost respect. Among them is Ethel Seno, an unrivaled urban art curator hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Her remarkable achievement includes the curation of a MOCA exhibition that showcased none other than the elusive Banksy—an accomplishment that stands as a testament to her unparalleled dedication and skill.

In the realm of creativity, design, and gastronomy, Giorgio De Mitri reigns supreme as the most respected curator and networker. His influence extends far and wide, making him a pivotal force in shaping and connecting the realms of artistic expression and innovation.

Then there are Hoby Wedler and Justin Vallandingham, stalwart friends whose camaraderie has withstood the test of time. Together, they are not just friends; they are architects of epiphanies, creators of moments that linger in the memory long after they occur.

These exceptional individuals form the core of the team we’ve assembled—a team poised to weave magic into the fabric of the coming months and, optimistically, years. The synergy of our diverse talents, experiences, and passions promises to yield something truly extraordinary. As we embark on this collaborative venture, we are fueled by the shared vision of crafting moments that transcend the ordinary and leave an indelible mark on the canvas of time.