The Guerrilla Sensing Manifesto

Welcome to the forefront of a revolutionary art movement – Guerrilla Sensing – spearheaded by Lodovico Minelli Sarteri.

In a world besieged by environmental turmoil, we rise as a passionate collective, blending the artistic prowess of visionaries, the intellectual acuity of scientists, and the fervor of environmental activists. Our mission is to illuminate the obscured truths of pollution that continue to suffocate our planet and raise awareness by collected data.

Central to our movement is the art of discreetly installing uncommissioned environmental sensors and beacons in public spaces. We acknowledge that the powers that be may not always prioritize the health of our planet and its inhabitants. Thus, it falls upon us, the guardians of truth and artistry, to unveil the concealed realities that demand urgent attention.

These cutting-edge sensors are the eyes and ears of our cause, meticulously placed in strategic locations in the – not so – smart cities of the world. Our network operates avoiding detection and bureaucracy, ensuring the truest form of unfiltered data gathering. This cloak-and-dagger approach embodies the essence of guerrilla warfare, where the invisible army emerges to combat an adversary that often eludes traditional confrontation.

Through our sensors, we unveil the delicate tapestry of environmental indicators that shape the world around us. Air quality, noise levels, particulate matter, human frequency – these are the fragments of truth that compose the bigger picture of environmental activity. Our sensors silently collect real-time data, painting an intricate and comprehensive portrait of our surroundings.

In addition to discreetly installing environmental sensors in public spaces, the Guerrilla Sensing movement also embraces the utilization of wearable volumetric sensors. These portable sensors, carried by individuals as they navigate through spaces or during their daily commutes, provide a unique perspective on environmental conditions at a more personal level.

By employing wearable volumetric sensors, we extend the reach of our data-gathering efforts beyond fixed locations. These portable devices become a part of the individual, moving through the urban landscape and capturing real-time information about air quality, noise levels, and other environmental factors that influence daily life. This intimate form of data collection offers valuable insights into the diverse and dynamic experiences of people in different areas, enabling a deeper understanding of the environmental challenges faced on a more personal level.

Artists, those who perceive the world through a lens of creativity, play a crucial role in translating this open raw data into compelling visual expressions. We infuse scientific precision with artistic flair, transforming abstract numbers and graphs into captivating works that resonate with the collective conscience.

Scientists, the guardians of knowledge, lend their expertise in interpreting the sensor data. Their analytical prowess enriches our understanding of the interconnectedness between human actions and environmental consequences. Through collaboration, we shed light on complex relationships, empowering the masses with knowledge to drive change.

Environmental activists, the fierce advocates of our planet, breathe life into the movement. Fuelled by a passion for ecological justice, they mobilize the masses and amplify our message. Together, we awaken the world to the urgency of the situation, challenging the status quo, and demanding accountability from those who hold the keys to systemic change.

Guerrilla Sensing is more than just an art movement; it is a call to action. We are the architects of change, harnessing the power of creativity, science, and activism to combat pollution’s stealthy grip. Our installations are interventions that confront complacency, disrupt the mundane, and inspire a sense of responsibility towards the environment we share.

As we unite in this dance of revelation, we invite artists, scientists, environmental activists, and visionaries from all walks of life to join our ranks. Together, we will harness the potential of art to transcend boundaries, challenge conventions, and ignite a collective awakening that will echo through the ages.

Let the world bear witness to the birth of a new era – an era where Guerrilla Sensing illuminates the path towards a sustainable future, where art serves as a catalyst for change, and where humanity finds harmony with the planet it calls home.