Emotion Design Workshop in Vienna

Emotitech had a significant presence at the International B2B Software Days 2023, offering a valuable opportunity to engage with influential business and institutional figures. Invited by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), Lodovico Minelli Sarteri and Hoby Wedler conducted an EMOTITECH® workshop focused on Emotion Design and its impact on Artificial Intelligence advancement.

The workshop shed light on the transformative potential of Emotion Design, emphasizing its role in shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence. Taking place in Vienna during late spring, the event exuded a welcoming atmosphere, reminiscent of the city’s historical significance. Austria’s reputation as a pioneer in digital innovation and global networking was reinforced, as it continues to serve as a strategic hub connecting emerging countries in the developing world with Europe.

Emotitech’s participation in the International B2B Software Days 2023 marked a significant milestone in their journey, solidifying their position as a noteworthy player in the intersection of technology and human emotion. The event brought together influential professionals and showcased the promising prospects of Emotion Design within the field of Artificial Intelligence.