The objective of the naming process was to meticulously craft an identity for an innovative Outdoor Art-Tech Platform and establish a globally recognized brand deeply rooted in street cultures. Our vision was to embark on a global exploration, delving into the intersection of public art, science, technology, and the natural world. In the pursuit of capturing the essence of urban culture, we made a deliberate choice to fuse the intrinsic energy of “graffiti” with the transformative and futuristic connotations of “meta.”

This fusion not only pays homage to the vibrant and dynamic nature of street cultures but also introduces a forward-thinking dimension that propels the brand beyond conventional boundaries. By melding the raw and expressive power of graffiti with the expansive and visionary concept embodied by “meta,” we aimed to create a name that not only resonates with the current pulse of urban life but also anticipates and embraces the future evolution of artistic and technological landscapes. This naming strategy seeks to encapsulate the spirit of the platform, where art, science, and nature converge in a harmonious blend that transcends the ordinary and propels us into a realm of boundless creative possibilities.