In the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic, as people found themselves confined to their homes amidst an atmosphere of uncertainty, our services were sought by an Asian client venturing into the realm of respiratory safety products. Tasked with encapsulating the essence of both breathing and protection, our mission was to provide an immediate and impactful brand name.

Our process involved swift yet thorough due diligence, ensuring the expedited trademarking of the chosen name and securing essential digital intellectual property assets. In the midst of global upheaval, the birth of “Rexpiria” aimed to offer not just a product but a symbol of assurance during uncertain times.

The impact was profound.

“Rexpiria” swiftly gained exceptional traction, resonating with a global audience navigating the challenges of the pandemic. As a testament to our strategic approach, the brand not only fulfilled its mission of conveying safety and breathability but also carved a niche for itself in the market, becoming a trusted name in the realm of respiratory protection during the pandemic.