MINI Countryman sensory experience

Nestled amidst the serene beauty of the alpine nature that surrounds us, our team finds immense joy in crafting projects that resonate with the essence of our breathtaking environment. One such memorable venture was our sensory recognition project for the all-new MINI Countryman model, unveiled to the automotive media in October 2020. Join us as we take you through the remarkable journey of testing special colors, capturing immersive videos, and creating a unique sense-kit, all while embracing the allure of the dolomites and winding mountain roads.

Testing Boundaries with Sensory Recognition: At the heart of our innovative project was the exploration of sensory recognition technology. We embarked on a meticulous process of analyzing how different elements and colors of the MINI Countryman model engaged with human senses, creating a unique and captivating driving experience for its occupants. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of this vehicle aligned harmoniously with the alpine beauty that surrounded us.

Embracing Nature with Immersive Field Recordings: To truly showcase the MINI Countryman’s harmony with nature, we ventured into the wild landscapes, recording immersive videos that captured the car resting serenely amidst the scenic beauty of the alpine wilderness. The dolomites provided the perfect backdrop for these captivating visuals, painting a picture of a car that not only belongs to the roads but also complements the grandeur of nature.

A Unique Gift, The Alpine Sense-Kit: In our pursuit of creating an unforgettable experience, we collaborated with a local South Tyrolean company that excels in producing pine oil using traditional vapour extraction methods. From this collaboration emerged the Alpine Sense-Kit, a special offering that combined the essence of alpine nature with cutting-edge technology. This thoughtfully crafted gift was presented to journalists, further enhancing their connection with the MINI Countryman and its roots in our beloved alpine region.

A Tale of Adventure at Hotellerie de Mascognaz: The grand unveiling of the MINI Countryman took place at the prestigious Hotellerie de Mascognaz, a haven tucked away in the heart of the alpine arch. This secluded location added an air of mystery and enchantment to the event, leaving us with cherished memories and an appreciation for the tranquil splendor of our surroundings. Our team savored every moment, realizing that we had the privilege of presenting the fruit of our labor in a place that mirrored the MINI Countryman’s essence.

Conclusion: The journey of developing the sensory recognition project for the MINI Countryman has been an exhilarating experience. As we merged cutting-edge technology with the serene alpine nature, we witnessed the birth of an automotive innovation that truly resonated with the spirit of our surroundings. From testing colors to creating immersive videos and presenting the Alpine Sense-Kit, every aspect of this project was a testament to our passion for crafting meaningful experiences. We are humbled by the opportunity to share our love for the alpine wilderness with the world and look forward to future endeavors that continue to harmonize nature and innovation.