Greetings, pal!

Welcome to sarteri.com, my hideout online. My name is Lodovico Minelli Sarteri – b. 1980, Brixen. People define me as an innovation manager and early-stage technology investor.
I live and work in the Alpine region, routinely visiting Bay Area and global cities. Since 2008 I’m serving humanitarian aid projects as member of Rotary International.

My focus is scouting for ventures and structuring projects that are humanizing technology.
I love to share these mindful activities through sense-based storytelling , extended reality and experiential installations. I’m building value and prosperity through positive environmental and social impact investing.

Since 2017 I’m interacting with projects and start-ups at NOI Techpark, the innovation hub in Bozen – South Tyrol. Blending innovation management expertise and experiential know-how I worked for and co-founded science and technology firms with purpose. I focused my career on neuroscience, biometrics and digital sensing, getting today till the vanguard field of Artificial Emotional Intelligence. The Venture I operate is partner of the leading wealth and financial management Kaiser Partner Group.

I’ve been traveling internationally since the end of the 90’s, connecting and documenting artists who traced the history of non-commissioned public art. The common thread of my research has been experiential art interacting with place identity. My interest in the contemporary arts deals today with innovation and emotional identity applied to liminal/futuristic spaces such as extended reality and the Metaverse.

To get in contact please proceed here: sarteri.com/contact

“Humanizing technology before it brutalizes us.”

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