From Data to Experience: The Multi-Sensory Kit Unveiled and Applications for Prosecco DOCG

Researching and developing an experiential kit with Emotitech was an enriching and fascinating journey. The process began with a perception science approach, followed by the verification of experiential data through affective technology. This data, combined with a multi-sensory narrative, guided us in briefing the product’s empathic design, ultimately bringing the kit to life.

I am proud to have partnered with esteemed professionals such as perception scientist Hoby Wedler, affective and behavioral experts who conducted the analysis, designer Roberto Martignone for product design, Meba Bioresine, an Italian excellence for sustainable luxury. Our collaboration extended to the dedicated project managers at Emotitech.

This version of the experiential kit can incorporate up to six sensory elements and it’s structured as the Braille module in a grid of 6 dots. Thanks to the New York-based PR firm Colangelo & Partners, we tested a custom edition of the kit for Consorzio del Prosecco international press events. Hoby Wedler crafted a unique tasting experience featuring a selection of Prosecco wines, incorporating three touch elements and three aromas. These elements are central to an intricate, multi-sensory blindfolded experience led by Hoby. To enhance the immersion, we enlisted sound designer Andrea Schiavini to compose a soundtrack inspired by the kit’s selected sensory elements.

The kit was showcased in four different locations, each with unique elements, starting with the experimental launch in Milan during the 2024 Design Week and Vinitaly in Verona. It then made its way to the renowned US Prosecco Week in June, debuting at the Press Club in San Francisco, moving on to Numero 10, the Los Angeles restaurant of Juventus soccer player Alessandro Del Piero, and concluding at The Leopard at des Artistes in Manhattan, New York.

Selection of the press event in Milan:

Selection of the press event in San Francisco:

Selection of the press event in Los Angeles:

Selection of the press event in New York: