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  • A weekend in the Alps with Hoby Wedler & Unplug

    A weekend in the Alps with Hoby Wedler & Unplug

    It’s not undercover anymore we are spending some quality time in the Alps with friends visiting from California. Innovation needs special conditions to bloom so we are exploring the great outdoors.

  • The sound of Silence, BMW Group

    The sound of Silence, BMW Group

    “The iconic sound of silence” was a press experiential journey organized by MINI & BMW Italy to celebrate the world of sound design and to approach the world of sustainable mobility from a different point of view. This initiative took place at Caimi headquarters in Milan, which offered a selection of journalists the opportunity to experience highly…

  • Che Guevara & Victor Castillo in Milan

    Che Guevara & Victor Castillo in Milan

    Camilo Guevara March, the 60-year old son of Argentine-born revolutionary leader Ernesto “Che” Guevara, has died few days ago in the month of August 2022. This event takes my memory to the time shared with him in Milan back in 2017, when we met for the Tu y Todos exhibition organized by the the Centre of Che…

  • Emotitech


    The naming journey leading to Emotitech unfolded after years of dedicated practice and expertise in the field of affective technology. The goal was to conceive a name that was not only brandable and trademarkable but also encapsulated the fusion of the human element with technology. Following meticulous diligence, the name Emotitech was crafted, accompanied by…

  • NYC spring 2022

    NYC spring 2022

    Covid emergency was still in its fading period on April 2022, so masks were still almost mandatory everywhere. We were almost forced last minute to take this intercontinental bound to fix a couple of business projects. We also found time to enjoy the streets blooming, to meet old friends, make new ones and let serendipity…

  • 開始 KAISHI: The Adventure-Ready Jacket for Explorers

    開始 KAISHI: The Adventure-Ready Jacket for Explorers

    In this research and development project, we undertook the creation and project management of a special jacket designed to align with the image and branding of the MINI Countryman model. KAISHI – KAI = Open / SHI = Beginning. A Japanese term for “departure,” “beginning,” or “setting off,” it can be interpreted as an attitude…

  • Metagraffiti


    The objective of the naming process was to meticulously craft an identity for an innovative Outdoor Art-Tech Platform and establish a globally recognized brand deeply rooted in street cultures. Our vision was to embark on a global exploration, delving into the intersection of public art, science, technology, and the natural world. In the pursuit of…

  • Rexpiria


    In the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic, as people found themselves confined to their homes amidst an atmosphere of uncertainty, our services were sought by an Asian client venturing into the realm of respiratory safety products. Tasked with encapsulating the essence of both breathing and protection, our mission was to provide an immediate and impactful…

  • MINI Countryman sensory experience

    MINI Countryman sensory experience

    Nestled amidst the serene beauty of the alpine nature that surrounds us, our team finds immense joy in crafting projects that resonate with the essence of our breathtaking environment. One such memorable venture was our sensory recognition project for the all-new MINI Countryman model, unveiled to the automotive media in October 2020. Join us as…

  • Impactista


    Within the scope of this professional naming assignment, our client sought a distinctive appellation for an investment platform characterized by purpose and the pursuit of positive financial impact. The directive was clear: the chosen name should convey strength, directness, and a proactive ethos. Our methodology encompassed an extensive linguistic exploration and a meticulous analysis of…

  • 金継ぎ Kintsugi, the Future of Fashion through Neuroscience

    金継ぎ Kintsugi, the Future of Fashion through Neuroscience

    Our portfolio proudly showcases the groundbreaking project, Kintsugi, which marked the convergence of fashion and neuroscientific insights. From conceptualization to commercialization, we orchestrated the entire journey – encompassing ideation, meticulous research and design, strategic branding, and rigorous commercial efficiency testing – to bring to life this extraordinary tech-jacket. A pivotal collaboration with Thimus, a leading…

  • CRYPTO CAVIAR, Jacquard Tapestry

    CRYPTO CAVIAR, Jacquard Tapestry

    Jacquard Tapestry: 100% cotton yarn. Unique: one of a kind piece, created by the artist. 70 × 54 in; 177.8 × 137.16 cm