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  • Emotitech


    The naming journey leading to Emotitech unfolded after years of dedicated practice and expertise in the field of affective technology. The goal was to conceive a name that was not only brandable and trademarkable but also encapsulated the fusion of the human element with technology. Following meticulous diligence, the name Emotitech was crafted, accompanied by…

  • Metagraffiti


    The objective of the naming process was to meticulously craft an identity for an innovative Outdoor Art-Tech Platform and establish a globally recognized brand deeply rooted in street cultures. Our vision was to embark on a global exploration, delving into the intersection of public art, science, technology, and the natural world. In the pursuit of…

  • Rexpiria


    In the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic, as people found themselves confined to their homes amidst an atmosphere of uncertainty, our services were sought by an Asian client venturing into the realm of respiratory safety products. Tasked with encapsulating the essence of both breathing and protection, our mission was to provide an immediate and impactful…

  • Impactista


    Within the scope of this professional naming assignment, our client sought a distinctive appellation for an investment platform characterized by purpose and the pursuit of positive financial impact. The directive was clear: the chosen name should convey strength, directness, and a proactive ethos. Our methodology encompassed an extensive linguistic exploration and a meticulous analysis of…

  • / afterlabel

    / afterlabel

    Our naming service was commissioned to create a distinctive identity for a forthcoming youth street-wear brand—one that deliberately defied traditional fashion norms. The result of a rigorous language and ideation process, “AfterLabel” emerged as a strategic choice that reflects a departure from conventional branding. The name “afterlabel” communicates a deliberate shift from established norms in…



    The naming service task involved the Client’s request for a concise and impactful name encapsulating the essence of “Swissness balance” and a forward-thinking approach for an IT venture targeting the German-speaking DACH market. Our proposed solution, “NEUTRY,” seamlessly blends the neutrality associated with the Helvetic Confederation with the German prefix “NEU,” meaning “NEW.” This combination…

  • Bright Disorder

    Bright Disorder

    In 2008, entrusted with naming a curatorial concept for an art event set against the picturesque backdrop of Piazza del Campo in Siena, Italy, our objective was to seamlessly marry the city’s rich historical heritage with the edgy enthusiasm of disruptive public art. The challenge lay in encapsulating the essence of acclaimed contemporary artists coming…